How To Maintain Your Aero Garden Properly

Have you recently bought a new Aero garden for your home? Not sure how to take care of it? An Aero garden has become more popular as more people are starting to take up gardening but don’t have space or energy to do it manually. So, they opt for an indoor gardening solution which provides them with all the ingredients and equipment and requires them to put just a little amount of effort. However, an Aero garden still requires your proper care to be able to thrive at your home and here are a few ways in which you can achieve this task.

Never trust the Water level indication

One of the most important things to know is that your Aero Garden thrives with the proper amount of water. So, make sure it is filled with adequate water at all times and avoid trusting the water level indicator. Sometimes your water level indicator might malfunction and you won’t realize that the water level is low. So, always check the water supply and refill your Aero Garden if you think your plants need more water. If you live in a warmer region, check your water level regularly.

Keep it clean

Another great way to maintain your Aero Garden is by keeping it clean and washing up any residual nutrients or mineral deposits that are left behind by a plant. Although your Aero Garden doesn’t use dirt, it still ends up dirty due to the growing of the plants. You can keep it clean by regularly changing water so that there aren’t any mineral deposits inside your Aero Garden. You can clean the surface to avoid dust and grime from entering your plants. Also, clean off any dead leaves as they tend to stick to an Aero Garden and leave a stain behind them.

Store your Aero Garden herbs properly

One of the most common issue with an Aero Garden is the storage issue. If you want your herb to grow well, then you need to store the herb kit in a proper place under ideal conditions. A lot of Aero garden kit comes with several herbs( read some aerogarden reviews here ), all of which cannot be planted at the same time and hence, need to be stored in a proper storage system. You can either store them in your refrigerator if you are planning to use them soon or you can freeze them for a later usage.

Provide your Aero Garden with adequate support

One of the most important ways to maintain your Aero garden is by making sure you provide the plants with proper support so that they don’t crush each other and provide you with a higher yield. This will also allow your plants to receive more sunlight and will allow air circulation among them which will result in better growth and pollination. You can plant soft-ties or you can make a homemade Aero garden trellis system. A planted soft-tie is a flexible wire covered with foam, which is planted with the plants in a spiral shape to protect them.