How to Clean Your Yoga Mat?

Irrespective of whether you practice yoga 7 for 2 days a week, if you use a yoga mat it’s bound to get dirty because of all the sweat, dirt or body oils that seep through the surface which can make it stink and deter your yoga sessions. In the long run, it can also lead to skin infections and allergies.

Yoga Mats

Cleaning a yoga mat is easy. Here’s all that you need to do.

1. Wash it regularly

A yoga mat doesn’t need a daily wash but if you’re a regular user then we’d advise giving it a complete wash every 2-3 months and once every month if you’re an occasional user as it may gather up some dust and dirt lying around. You can use a standard vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning it.

The more the dust, dirt or sweat stains on the mat the more likely you’ll have to wash it. Also, if you notice the mat material getting peeled or sticking to the clothes its time to get a new one.

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2. Soak the mat

For soaking purposes always use warm water with a little bit of detergent. Let it rest in the water for 5-10 minutes till all the dirt, sweat and oil stains etc. are removed. Dish soap or mild laundry detergent are acceptable cleaners.

Excess detergent makes a mat slippery and will require more rinsing. Vinegar too is often used for cleaning purposes but can leave a strong foul odor making your yoga experience a yucky one. And may effect mat durability too.

3. Hand washing the mat

Once the mat has been soaked long enough with a cotton cloth gently rub both the sides to get rid of the dirt and stains. Pay special attention to the areas in contact with your shoes or body.

Go slow and gentle. Also, avoid pulling out any thread or chunks of the mat as it can reduce durability and cause unevenness.

Warning: NEVER and we mean never ever use the washing machine to clean your mats. The spinning and rotation of the machine can damage the upper surface and make it slippery.

4. Rinsing and drying the mat

Once you’re done with the cleaning part it’s time to rinse and dry the mat for it to be usable again. To get rid of the excess water simply cover the mat with a dry cotton cloth or towel and roll the two together. This will squeeze out any excess water.

While a slow walk or small jumps on the rolled carpet are ideal ways to get rid of the excess moisture avoid any other abrasive actions as it can lead to tears or wrinkling on the mat.

To further dry the mat, you can hang it at a convenient spot but never use a dryer to do so as it may tear or spoil the upper surface of the mat and in some cases even cause a fire. Also, do not leave it too long in the sun. Remove the remaining moisture with a new dry towel.

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

Choosing the right Vacuum Cleaner for yourself is not a simple task, you need to look at several features and factors before you can select one for yourself.

If you make the wrong choice, you could end up regret your decision and you would have also wasted your hard-earned money on a wrong choice.

Hence, you should pay special attention when choosing the perfect Vacuum Cleaner for yourself.

This guide will help you in choosing the right Vacuum cleaner for yourself and will make the whole process easier for you.

Factors to consider when buying a Vacuum Cleaner:

Filter Type

The first thing to consider would be the filter type used in your Vacuum cleaner. You need to go for HEPA filter as they can collect smallest dust particles and can help you in releasing cleaner air from the vacuum.

The next thing to look out for is whether you opt for a washable filter or a disposable filter. A washable filter will require you to wash the filter after every run which can be cumbersome while a disposable filter will require you to replace a new filter after every use which can increase the cost of vacuuming.

Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home 1

Dust Capacity

The next thing to consider is the dust container capacity. You want a container which can hold a large amount of dust so that you don’t have to keep emptying your container after every 15 minutes while cleaning.

Dust container type

You also need to decide what type of dust container your vacuum cleaner should have. A bag vacuum cleaner is easier to clean as you can throw the bag after use whereas a bagless vacuum cleaner is more environment-friendly as you keep reusing the bin by emptying and cleaning it after every cleaning session.

Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home 2

Power source

This is another important factor to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. You need to decide whether you want a cordless or a corded vacuum cleaner.

A cordless vacuum cleaner is not as powerful as a corded one and has a smaller battery life of just 20-30 minutes whereas a corded vacuum cleaner requires a power socket whenever you want to use the vacuum cleaner.

Height and Weight

You also need to consider the height and weight of your vacuum cleaner. You want a light and small vacuum cleaner which is easy to carry around and store. If you want to clean ceilings, then you would need a longer vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home 3


Another important factor to consider is the storage space. You want a vacuum cleaner which can easily be stored in a cupboard or a closet room and will not take a lot of space. If you have a lot of storage space, then you could go for an upright model else you should consider a lighter and a smaller vacuum cleaner for yourself.


The last, but not the least, you need to check your budget and then consider a vacuum cleaner in that budget. A stick vacuum will be the cheapest and a robot vacuum will be the costliest one so check out the different types of vacuum cleaners and their prices and choose the right one for yourself.

Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home 4

How To Maintain Your Aero Garden Properly

Have you recently bought a new Aero garden for your home? Not sure how to take care of it? An Aero garden has become more popular as more people are starting to take up gardening but don’t have space or energy to do it manually. So, they opt for an indoor gardening solution which provides them with all the ingredients and equipment and requires them to put just a little amount of effort. However, an Aero garden still requires your proper care to be able to thrive at your home and here are a few ways in which you can achieve this task.

Never trust the Water level indication

One of the most important things to know is that your Aero Garden thrives with the proper amount of water. So, make sure it is filled with adequate water at all times and avoid trusting the water level indicator. Sometimes your water level indicator might malfunction and you won’t realize that the water level is low. So, always check the water supply and refill your Aero Garden if you think your plants need more water. If you live in a warmer region, check your water level regularly.

Keep it clean

Another great way to maintain your Aero Garden is by keeping it clean and washing up any residual nutrients or mineral deposits that are left behind by a plant. Although your Aero Garden doesn’t use dirt, it still ends up dirty due to the growing of the plants. You can keep it clean by regularly changing water so that there aren’t any mineral deposits inside your Aero Garden. You can clean the surface to avoid dust and grime from entering your plants. Also, clean off any dead leaves as they tend to stick to an Aero Garden and leave a stain behind them.

Store your Aero Garden herbs properly

One of the most common issue with an Aero Garden is the storage issue. If you want your herb to grow well, then you need to store the herb kit in a proper place under ideal conditions. A lot of Aero garden kit comes with several herbs( read some aerogarden reviews here ), all of which cannot be planted at the same time and hence, need to be stored in a proper storage system. You can either store them in your refrigerator if you are planning to use them soon or you can freeze them for a later usage.

Provide your Aero Garden with adequate support

One of the most important ways to maintain your Aero garden is by making sure you provide the plants with proper support so that they don’t crush each other and provide you with a higher yield. This will also allow your plants to receive more sunlight and will allow air circulation among them which will result in better growth and pollination. You can plant soft-ties or you can make a homemade Aero garden trellis system. A planted soft-tie is a flexible wire covered with foam, which is planted with the plants in a spiral shape to protect them.

Redesigning Your Office With Rugs

There are a number of extremely cheap and fascinating approaches without being forced to totally remodel the whole room or spend a lot of money to redesign your office. Modern rugs are an excellent solution to redesign your office. Cheap Rugs are an excellent method for you to add style and color without being forced to sign up for a small loan so that you can afford the job or costing too much.

It’s a thing that just by moving some furniture around, it is possible to add without assistance from others and may be carried out in just several hours. Obtaining a fine office rug that will fill the whole room could be an effective method to begin.

Redecorating a room may be challenging, particularly when you don’t possess a color scheme picked out. You may then immediately start to create the color of the home office rug you’ve selected by picking out a rug which you enjoy. You might be amazed at all of the delightful colors if you are looking at inexpensive rugs, you’ll be able to discover.

The word low-cost doesn’t make reference to the grade of the rug. The term can be used since it is possible to find great bargains on office chair rug on the market which might be maybe closeout specials both online and also at the local retail outlet stores due to summer’s ending.

You are going to have significantly more cash to splurge on additional things to assist redesign your office by selecting a contemporary home office rug that’s cheap. Among the primary things people will notice when they walk into your recently redesigned office is how comfy and warm it feels, like a home from home providing you with the potential edge you should develop and keep success.

Flower Bed Designs With Great Design and Full Color

Besides, it creates wonderful gardens where your garden will look more scenic and colorful. It usually comes in various sizes and shapes according to how people personalize the garden design. Having garden is very nice, moreover if it is designed in more eye-catching style. It will be so pleasant.

When you want to place the flower beds, you should choose the correct place. The suitable place for placing it is such as in front of the window or near the entrance to the house. It will add charm sense and allow you to enjoy the flower beds along the time. It is a great situation.

Creating the Flower Bed Designs are not the difficult job, everyone could do it even you do not have the skill of making flower bed designs. You only need to select some blooming plants and flowers. There also some simple steps in creating flower bed designs you can follow.

The first thing is you should consider where the suitable place for placing the flower bed. You need to evaluate it from an aesthetic point of view and the suitable plants in your environment.

Make sure that Flower Bed Designs are located in sunny place and protected from strong winds.

  • The main important thing is your Flower Bed Designs could be seen easily so you can see your beautiful flower.
  • The second is by making a plan about the color of your flower bed. You can use a combination of bright flowers with stripes with flowering plants or cover it. By having the combination colors, you’ll have a wonderful alternative grass.
  • The third thing is preparing the soil for your flower beds. Don’t forget to add sand and mixture to get the best texture. You need only 4 inches or 10 cm for all flowering plants.
  • Fourthly, when you are planting, remember that you need to plant tall plants on the background in order to protect your small plants. Small flowering plants and seasonal flowers need to be planted according to the time when it blooms.

Decorative Columns In Architectural Interiors

One of the best way in making your rooms and outdoor living spaces look more interesting is by incorporating the columns into modern interior design.

They come in various style, sizes, and materials which look elegant. It could be used for designing living spaces in order to make it more spacious and bright. Decorative Columns connect the structure above with the floor. It is the main support of the rest of architectural interiors because it is stronger.

One of the shapes is a square column. You could decorate the square columns and round pillars by bringing the appealing spaces into your homes.  These combinations make stunning accents to modern interior design. Square and pillars columns are decorative which transform room design with timeless charm. It can support the arch on the doorway or decorate the wall.

While porch column offers the additional support to the roof and house exterior design. Both round and square columns have three parts. They are the cap or capital, Tuscan doric or Tuscan, and corinthian caps. The cap or capital comes in various design styles and wider than the pillar. Dor Tuscan caps are suitable for simple interior design. While corinthian caps have the luxurious design.

Decorative Columns comes in three models.

They are classic and modern columns. Classic columns are made from granite, marble, metals, and wood. It gives the ancient charm to modern design and decor. While modern columns made from treated wood, fiberglass, and PVC. They have cheap prices. Thirdly, Decorative Columns which have a cheaper price than others. It has attractive and fabulous styles. It is suitable for simple interior design. The minimalist, classic, and luxurious home best used

The minimalist, classic, and luxurious home best used decorative columns. The materials used for columns have different characteristics. For decorative purposes, it is better to use fiberglass and PVC because they are lightweight materials. For supporting heavy weight, it is better to use hardwood, stone, and marble. While for adding the details to your modern interiors, it is better to use find pillars because Decorative Columns is easy to be installed and painted.

While for adding the details to your modern interiors, it is better to use find pillars because Decorative Columns is easy to be installed and painted.

Romantic Candles In Bedroom For Romantic Moment

Romantic candles give the happy impression to the people.
It mostly came in special time only but it better for an everyday moment. It is very suitable placing in the dining room, bedroom other corners in giving the passion of love.

They usually come in various color such as red, pink, and white. Romantic candles will be best combined with balloons and flowers so it makes your room special. Not only the beauty of candles, it also has aromatic perfumes which bring you fly and change your feeling to be happy.

It is inexpensive and effective ideas for room decorating that will make your Valentine day feel romantic and special. Moreover, if it is completed with happy mood, warm words, hugs, kisses and smiles will make perfect your day. Not only valentine day, you could prepare romantic candles for your partner birthday in beautiful details and stylish accents so you will get the romantic atmosphere and unforgettable memory.

You design Romantic Candles with ribbons, flower, soft pillows, heart shaped balloon and paper heart in decorating your bedroom. It couAromatherapyld also be applied in the dining room. It is done when you with your partner have dinner. It will create the romantic atmosphere.

Romantic Candles In Bedroom For Romantic Moment
The model of Romantic Candles you can use floats tea-light candles in glass bowls of water. For the bedroom, you can decorate your bedroom by arranging pink, red, and white heart candles all over the room. Beautify it with a flower in increasing your partner’s feeling. He or she will be happy and much more love you than before.

Each candle colors have a different meaning. Read and pink candles symbolized love and passion. White, cream, peach, purple and lilac color gives modern look and elegant look. Not only that, you could also use the other motif, such as polka dot and floral and butterflies motif which could be used for decorating your personal room. It is essential to have the skill of creating the decoration for supporting the romantic candles.

Your imagination and creativity will help to create the romantic atmosphere. As said before that romantic candle is beautiful and romantic which help to create a romantic mood and show your love to your beloved. You do not need to worry about the price because it comes at a cheap price. Now you should try filling the space with romance and elegance by applying Romantic Candles

Unique Styles of Water Fountains for Your Patio

You likely had several days where you believed it would be quite so fine to get a few backyard water fountains last summer. Obviously, because it was well into summer, you could have only said these would be purchases early next year, you’ll make, and that means you may have the ability to appreciate them for the entire season.

Now it’s time for you to begin shopping! You might have a concept of which little solar varieties you need for the garden or flowerbeds, but you’re probably stumped over what things to get for the veranda when you are the same as numerous others.

You would like something distinct from what anyone else right?

Here are five fashions that can transform the design of your outside living space.They’re straightforward but daring. Some even have a pool in the underside or a seat wrapped for additional seating around the margin.

Who says you must go with something conventional?

Most creature-themed outdoor fountains can be found in a tiered fashion which offers an extremely classic look. This styling can also be perfect as an in a big garden, or a focus in your front yard.

Many folks consider wall fountains as those that really need to get mounted to your home’s exterior wall. This adds a cryptic allure as well as depth to any space. Many are obtainable in numerous color choices, and that means you’ve got a high probability of locating one that the precise color of your home.

Although pieces of artwork that patio water fountains individuals generally are extremely pricey, you will locate a few ones that are affordable online. Whether you’d rather have a sweetheart couple, village maiden, a garden girl, kids, or another design, you might be taken aback at the choice that’s available at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

For those who are in possession of a simplistic or modern house, you will need to take a look at these Water Fountains for Your Veranda. This straightforward layout that is obtuse makes a powerful focal point without diverting from other decor pieces.